Lift Every Voice Oregon: Promoting policies prohibiting the Sale of Assault Weapons and Large-Capacity Magazines 

Lift Every Voice Oregon (LEVO) is a coalition of faith-based communities: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and other people of good will. Our grassroots organization, run primarily by volunteers, is advocating for safer schools, houses of worship and communities. We now number in the thousands from all over the state in our shared commitment to challenge the status quo as we work towards this important goal. Our voice has been heard by people throughout the state as we push to reduce gun violence in Oregon and the nation.

End Gun Violence Sabbath: Nov. 15-17, 2019

Lift Every Voice Oregon and Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon invite faith communities from all backgrounds (and other organizations of good will) and all parts of our state to join us on a single weekend, lifting our voices for a peaceful world free from gun violence.

On the weekend of Nov. 15 to 17 (whichever day fits your faith community’s worship schedule), people from diverse religious backgrounds will unite in remembering gun violence as part of their regular worship—through a prayer, note in the bulletin, sermon, guest speaker or educational program. Join us in lifting a collective voice for peace and an end to the gun violence that leaves our communities grieving.

There are many ways you can participate. Get creative! We will email you a resource packet with sermon reflections, prayers, hymns and educational sources when you register.

Click here to sign up to join the End Gun Violence Sabbath: Add your contact/congregation information so we know how many Oregonians are taking part. We will send you the End Gun Violence Sabbath resource guide once you register. Questions? Contact EMO at cosa@emoregon.org or LEVO at info@lifteveryvoiceoregon.com


Citywide Interfaith Vigil of Prayer & Action to End Gun Violence & Overcome Hate & White Supremacy 

LEVO hosted a Vigil on August 6 for the public to mourn and also to inspire action leading to the reduction of the senseless violence that is caused by mass shootings such as those in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.  The venue, Augustana Lutheran Church in Portland, was overflowing and powerful speakers representing scores of gun safety and community organizations spoke out. They decried the tragic shootings and vowed to continue the movement to end such violence. 

LEVO is engaged in intense research and planning for an initiative in 2020 related to assault weapons and large-capacity magazines.

Click HERE for a link to media coverage of the Vigil.

Click HERE for the full video of the Vigil.

IMG_1060 Aug 6 2018 Vigil.JPG

End of the 2019 Legislative Session – Moving Forward

HB 2013 -  Relinquishment of Firearms - July 23, 2019 – Governor Kate Brown signed HB 2013.

The bill fills in a gap to ensure that persons against whom a temporary restraining order in a domestic violence matter has been issued will be required to relinquish any firearms within 24 hours. 

An opportunity is provided for challenging this action at a later date, but the weapons must be relinquished by the individual to avoid possible misuse until the matter is heard. While some counties had already implemented such a procedure on their own, the vast majority had not. HB 2013 applies to all counties.

LEVO strongly supported this bill with a letter sent to the legislators, signed by 155 faith leaders from many religious backgrounds and many parts of our state (LINK TO LETTER). The letter urged the legislature to move forward on additional gun safety legislation now and in the future, because there is much more work to be done.

Thank you to all faith leaders who signed! You are helping us make our community safer, one step at a time.

HB 2025/SB 275 – Safe Storage

Though the two bills related to safe storage did not pass this session, State of Safety is acting quickly to get a law which will require responsible storage of firearms.

An initiative has been filed and will be working its way through the Secretary of State’s office.

There also may be a chance for the legislature to take up the matter early in the 2020 short session, which starts in early February 2020.

LEVO strongly supports both actions.



Encourage your friends and neighbors to join with us. Send them this link so that they can join this growing movement.

Give as you are able and encourage others to do so. We need to continue to raise funds to achieve our campaign goals. DONATE


Lift Every Voice and Sing

Lift every voice and sing
till earth and heaven ring,
ring with the harmonies
of liberty.
Let our rejoicing rise
high as the listening skies,
let it resound
loud as the rolling sea.

Sing a song full of the faith
that the dark past has taught us;
sing a song full of the hope
that the present has brought us:
facing the rising sun of the new day begun,
let us march on till victory is won.

James Weldon Johnson  1871-1938


Six Principles for Non-Violent Direct Action

Fundamental tenets of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s philosophy of nonviolence described in his first book, Stride Toward Freedom. The six principles include:

Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people.

It is active nonviolent resistance to evil.
It is aggressive spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Nonviolence seeks to win friendship and understanding.

The end result of nonviolence is redemption and reconciliation.
The purpose of nonviolence is the creation of the Beloved Community.

Nonviolence seeks to defeat injustice not people.

Nonviolence recognizes that evildoers are also victims and are not evil people.
The nonviolent resister seeks to defeat evil not people.

Nonviolence holds that suffering can educate and transform.

Nonviolence accepts suffering without retaliation.
Unearned suffering is redemptive and has tremendous educational and
transforming possibilities.

Nonviolence chooses love instead of hate.

Nonviolence resists violence of the spirit as well as the body.
Nonviolent love is spontaneous, unmotivated, unselfish and creative.

Nonviolence believes that the universe is on the side of justice.

The nonviolent resister has deep faith that justice will eventually win.
Nonviolence believes that God is a God of justice.