Frequently Asked Questions about HB 3265 and HB 3223

“Who/what is Lift Every Voice Oregon?” Lift Every Voice Oregon (LEVO) is a coalition of faith-based communities; Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and other people of good will. Our grassroots organization, run primarily by volunteers, is advocating for safer schools, houses of worship and communities. We now number in the thousands from all over the state in our shared commitment to challenge the status quo as we work towards this important goal. Our voice has been heard by people throughout the state as we push to reduce gun violence in Oregon and the nation.

“How will these bills protect Oregonians?” Reducing the number and availability of these weapons and the ammunition will reduce the number of lethal products available to those who would harm others.

“Will people be forced to surrender their guns or their magazines?” No. People will be required to register the covered firearms described in HB 3223 in order to retain them. Similarly, under HB 3265 people will also be able to retain magazines owned at the time the law is passed, provided they are permanently blocked or altered so they cannot accept more than 10 rounds.  The firearms and magazines may also be sold out of state, permanently disabled, or given to law enforcement for disposal. Both measures establish exceptions for government officials, military personnel, and police officers.

“Is this constitutional?” Yes! Seven other states (HI, CA, NJ, NY, MD, MA, CT) and the District of Columbia already have similar laws banning assault rifles. In November 2017, the US Supreme Court rejected a challenge to Maryland’s assault weapons ban and left in place a federal appeals court ruling upholding laws that does not permit the sale of similarly defined semi-automatic military-style weapons and large-capacity magazines.

“Do Americans support this?” Yes. A Quinnipiac Poll from February 2018 showed that 67% of Americans support an outright ban on the sale of assault rifles.

“What is a detachable magazine?” A detachable magazine is an ammunition feeding device that can be loaded or unloaded while detached from a firearm and readily inserted into a firearm. A fixed magazine is an ammunition feeding device that is contained in, or permanently attached to, a firearm. Fixed magazines cannot be removed without disassembly of the firearm action.

“Which firearms are affected by these bills?” HB3265 provides a detailed definition of the firearms covered by the law as “assault weapons.” The firearms are defined in great detail, listing many models and manufacturers, and includes variations on these model, with minor differences. In addition, the term “assault weapon” is defined by a detailed description of generic features, so they are easily identified by firearms owners.

“How will I have time to register my firearm or modify my ammunition?” Owners will have 6 months to modify ammunition magazines and a full year from the date of passage to register their assault weapons.