May 23, 2018

     Over the weekend the Oregon Synod of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, gathered for their Annual Assembly, overwhelming passed a Resolution calling on churches to “take action as they deem right” to “work to ban the sale of assault weapons, large capacity magazines (holding more than 10 rounds) and bump stocks in Oregon.”
     “We know Measure 43 will be before our state this Fall.” reflected Oregon Synod Bishop Dave Brauer-Rieke. “However, Measure 43 is not specifically referenced in this Resolution. Individuals throughout the state will differ on how best to keep our communities safe, and we respect the conversation.”
     “We have intentionally taken up the call of our nation’s youth who cry out ‘Enough is enough!’” said Brauer-Rieke. “Now is absolutely the right time to address gun violence. Our schools are not safe. Our communities are at risk. Young people suffer from our inaction.”
     A Social Teaching of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America acknowledges that, “Violence and rumors of violence continue to spread — feared yet also expected in daily life.”
     “We said that over 20 years ago.” Brauer-Rieke lamented. “How many of our country’s school children have been massacred in those 20 years? Is there really nothing we can do?”
     The 1994 church statement continues, “As a Community of Advocacy, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is committed to work with and on behalf of the poor, the powerless, and those who suffer, using its power and influence with political and economic decision-making bodies to develop and advocate policies that seek to advance justice, peace, and the care of creation.”
     “Care of our country’s youth and communities is baked into who we are as Christians,” Brauer-Rieke concluded. “Our Assembly has spoken. We have asked ourselves the question. If not now, when? If not Measure 43, what?”

Official Press Release of the Oregon Synod, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
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