June 7, 2018

Press Statement -- Lift Every Voice Measure 43 Campaign (on behalf of our large and growing coalition of faith leaders, young leaders and thousands of people of faith and so many Oregonians of good will across the state)

Lift Every Voice Oregon IP 43 Statement

From Rev. W. J. Mark Knutson, Senior Pastor Augustana Lutheran Church, Lift Every Voice Campaign Chair and Chief Petitioner

“Amidst a crisis in gun violence in America and the cry of our young leaders that enough is enough, Initiative Petition 43 is intended to keep our schools and communities safe. This is one of the great moral issues of our day regarding the well-being of our children and the sanctity of human life shared by our great faith traditions, the people of Oregon and the people of the United States of America. It is deeply troubling that the NRA wants to delay and even attempt to prevent the vote of the people that Oregonians so deeply wish to have the freedom to take. The time to vote on this common sense public safety and gun violence issue is now. The Lift Every Voice Campaign is hopeful that the Attorney General and the Supreme Court will handle this in an expeditious manner so we will be able to gather signatures as soon as possible and let the people of Oregon have their voices heard. We will not do anything to delay the issuing of the Ballot Title and those who oppose should join us in letting democracy work and to have the voters of Oregon express their views Tuesday November 6. We owe this to our children; their lives and their future depend on our actions today for public safety and the common good. Regardless of when we get the green light this month, our rapidly growing coalition is poised and ready to collect the 88,184 valid signatures needed to place our measure on the General Election Ballot this November. As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day on Thursday July 4, we have declared Sunday July 1st “LIFT 100,000 VOICES SUNDAY” as the culmination of a SIGNATURE SABBATH WEEKEND all over Oregon from Friday June 29 to Sunday July 1st, so that we will be ready to turn in 120,000 signatures by the deadline of Friday July 6.


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